Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rules for authors:

Hello! If you are an author or publicist and want your book to go public, here is what I can do for you:


*Interview you for Author In The Spotlight
*Advertise your book
*Review your book (email me for details)
*Mail out promotional items such as bookmarks, book posters, special edition items, etc.
*Host a contest for your book. (Email me for details)
*Make a book trailer for your book. (Email me for details)

If you are a publisher and/or author that would like to be in the spotlight, or have their book(s) in the spotlight, I would love to do a guest interview with you!

Donations and Review Copies: If you want to get your book(s) noticed by fellow bloggers and readers, I would love to host a contest with a donated copy of your book! I also review books! Click here to see details!

Promo Items: If you would like me to send off promo items such as bookmarks, loadable book excerpts, book posters, etc. Please email me, I'd love to ship/email them off to fellow bloggers who are interested!

Book Trailers: I love making book trailers of my own for previously read/future read books! I have done 1 in the past, and I am currently working on 3! If you would like me to make one for your book to advertise on my blog, as well as yours, please email me with the title of your book, what it's about, and possibly an excerpt!

What I review?

* Fiction (YA)
*Small Publishing House Books
*Large Publishing House Books

If you can think of anything else, email me!

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